Motorcycle Maintenance

Preparation – Maintenance Supplies

A motorcycle is not a warehouse! But I still have to keep a limited selection of supplies that will allow me to overcome any mechanical problems and do the basic maintenance each 5000 km.

As mentioned in the previous post, I will have all the tools I normally use for maintenance of the bike at home.

I made a point, for the past 10 years, to use only what is in my small portable box in order to be able to reproduce these tasks on the road.

The challenge here is to keep a sufficient variety and an acceptable amount of stuff. It should not be too heavy and limited the essentials.

Also keep in mind that I will have access, in a very limited way, to BMW dealers in major cities. However, it is well known that sometimes, inventories are kept very low.

First point, I made the decision to keep an Antenna Ring in case of malfunction. This failure is well documented on the web and considering that I’ll often be in inaccessible areas and far from major cities, there is no doubt in my mind that I have to protect myself so I’m not stuck with a dead machine because of a 100$ part.

BMW R1200GS "Antenna Ring"
BMW R1200GS “Antenna Ring”

Same for the pump controller petrol (fuel pump controlling).

BMW Fuel Pump Controler
BMW Fuel Pump Controler

I will use a K & N filter so I’ll carry small containers of cleaner and oil (enough for 8 to 10 cleaning).

For tires. Although I’d rather not, I’ll carry an extra rear tire (Heidenau K60) for a change in Panama, just before taking the boat across the Darién Gap. I hope to be able to complete the journey with these tires. I am also able to repair a minor puncture with a patch kit and a pump. I also keep an inner tube in case of a more serious problem.

On my laptop, I have a copy the BMW DVD for maintenance and instructional videos to help me during the less common and complex tasks.

Obviously, preparation is the best prevention so I made a complete maintenance check before my departure (engine oil change, differential, transmission, brakes, spark plugs, brake pads, sync injectors …).

Maintenance Stuff
Maintenance Stuff!

Here is my list.

Servicing items Comments Price
WD-40 Small bottle 10,00
Oil filters and o-rings BMW 2X 40,00
Octane booster 2X STP, 3X 10 ml plastic 10,00
Cleaner + oil + sealing grease for K&R filter K&N 99-5050 20,00
Battery for Alarm remote CR2032 10,00
Batteries for Alarm CR123A Lithium 3 volt X2 10,00
Extra HID bulb and balast In case of failure 40,00
Spare Tube 18″ In case of major puncture 20,00
Ti-raps multiple sizes 10,00
Rubber gloves 20 pairs, for oil changes 10,00
Yellow work gloves 1X 10,00
Fuses 15 amp, 7.5 amp, 10,00
Fog lights – Replacement support 35,00
Spokes (Wheels) 1X front, 1X back 10,00
Oil side glass cover BMW 40,00
Antenna Ring BMW 55,00
Fuel Pump Controler BMW 160,00
Water Bottle 650 ml Nalgene, for emergency oil 10,00
OEM Shift Lever BMW 120,00
Duck tape 2,00
Liquid gasket 10,00
JB Weld 10,00
Anti-seize lubricant 5,00
Epoxy glue 10,00
Dielectric Grease 10,00
BMW – Workshop DVD 25,00
Fiche Part (PDF)
Maintenance DVD 40,00
Extra Rear Tires Heidenau 200,00

The next post will cover my choices with respect to the protective clothing to face the heat, cold and rain!

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