Camping in Mont-Tremblant in 2008

Preparation – Camping and Hiking Equipment

I remember my trip to Inuvik in 2008. One of the great pleasures was to setup camp in a remote site or a Provincial Park campground and enjoy the simple pleasure of nature, cooking a simple meal and sometimes, listening to a river flow while drinking a good bottle of wine.

The downside of camping is having to carry the extra volume and additional weight for 25000 km!

It was important for me to prepare my equipment so that it is of the highest quality, comfortable, allowing me to stay dry and warm while being as light as possible.

I also intend to go hiking, on walks that which most probably be multi days.

It is simply impossible to carry all my things for a 6-month trip in the panniers of my bike. So I have to tie extra bags on top of the two side boxes. I’ll keep the top empty in order to store a small messenger bag (shoulder bag) and to be able to store my helmet when I have to leave the bike for a short while.

I have 2 challenges. In a perfect world, I would have chosen to carry my things in dry or duffle bags (waterproof bags for kayaking). But as I also have to carry a backpack for hiking, so I decided to waterproof things from the inside and protect it with a rain cover.

Also note that all the items that will be in motorcycle boxes will also be in sealed bags, because unfortunately, the BMW panniers let water in.

First item, the tent. Criteria: light, solid, 2 doors and vestibules, waterproofed. My choice was an Elixir 2 from MSR. I could have chosen a lighter model, but at the expense of sturdiness.

Elixir 2 tent from MSR
Elixir 2 tent from MSR

Small trick with the tent, always carry a few lengths of rope, as in the high mountain areas, it is not always possible to use the stakes and you have to take the stones present on the ground to solidify the tent.

My sleeping bag is a The North Face -9 degrees Celsius (down). It has the advantage of being very comfortable, warm and compact.You must, however, be careful not to let it get wet.

-9 Celcius sleeping bag by The North Face
-9 Celcius sleeping bag by The North Face

The sleeping pad I use is a 3/4 sized model from Thermarest. Although not covering the entire length of my legs, it is sufficient for the occasional camping and is very compact and lightweight for transportation.

3/4 sleeping pad from Thermarest
3/4 sleeping pad from Thermarest
Folded 3/4 sleeping pad from Thermarest
Folded 3/4 sleeping pad from Thermarest

I will also keep a Therm-A-Rest Trekker seat in order to sit in the tent during rainy evenings while adding virtually no weight to my luggage.

Therm-A-Rest Trekker Chair Kit to use with the sleeping pad
Therm-A-Rest Trekker Chair Kit to use with the sleeping pad

My main backpack is Deuter 45+. This is a piece of equipment I extensively tested and that I find very reliable, roomy and comfortable. Perfect for this multi-disciplinary adventure!

45+ backpack from Deuter
45+ backpack from Deuter

For cooking, I’ll have a Optimus Terra cook set and a Primus Omnifuel II stove. Its advantage is that it works with several types of fuel and in strong winds. Another item I have extensively tested successfully. I have fuel 3 bottles I’ll initially fill with White Gas. During the trip, when the fuel is not available, I can use, though a bit more messy, normal gasoline.

Primus Omnifuel II Stove
Primus Omnifuel II Stove
Cook Set by Optimus Terra
Cook Set by Optimus Terra

Here is my list.

Tent MSR Elixir 2 300,00
Tent poles MSR 0,00
Sleeping bag The North Face 300,00
Mat Termarest 100,00
Mat repair kit Termarest 20,00
Chair kit Termarest 40,00
Rope To attache tent 10,00
Deuter 45+ litres 175,00
Deuter 32+ litres 175,00
Backpack rain cover 2X MEC 30,00
Towel 10,00
Water bottle (1L) Nalgene 10,00
Water bottle (500ml) Nalgene 12,00
Camelpack 50,00
Frontal light Black Diamond 75,00
AAA Batteries (For lights and Spot GPS) 8X 25,00
Tent waterproofing and repair kit 30,00
Messenger bag Cocotte Equipement 130,00
Messenger bag – Replacement clip Cocotte Equipement 5,00
Water filter Katadyn Hicker Pro 100,00
Steripen – UV Water Purifier Steripen Classic 130,00
Fuel bottles 1L (3X) 80,00
Fuel bottles 1L – extra cap 5,00
Eye cover for sleeping 0,00
Small thermometer 5,00
Small Carabiners for J-Stakes 10X 20,00
Kleenex tissues 10X 5,00
Clothespin 6X 1,00
Landry soap 6X 1,00
Stove (burner) MEC 175,00
Pots Optimus Terra 70,00
Waterproof matches 3X 15,00
Hicking knife 30,00
Wine glass GSI Outdoors 10,00
Wine opener 2X 15,00
Wine bags 2X Platy Preserve 20,00
Titanium utensils kit MSR 30,00
Can Opener 5,00
Peeler 1,00
Water filter Katadyn Hicker Pro 100,00
Steripen – UV Water Purifier Steripen Classic 130,00
Cutting board GSI 10,00
Knife Laguiole 200,00
Small knife Opinel 20,00
Zip-locks Multiple sizes 10,00
Table cloth 2,00
Wet ones 5,00
Soap for dishes 10,00
Scott Towels 2,00
2 404,00

The next post will focus on the clothes I’m bringing. I must hurry because I leaving in 2 weeks!

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Marc Ouellet

Adventurer at heart. Travelling on 2 wheels to South America soon!

  • Chris

    Hi Marc,

    Thanks for sharing your camping gear setup. While I am just getting into camping via a motorcycle I am quickly learning that my large items for sleeping arent going to be the best choices in the future as trip distances become longer and packing becomes even more important. Can you give an idea on how small your sleeping bag gets when it is packed and ready to go?

    1. Marc Ouellet

      Hi Chris! Thanks for visiting the site. The exact measurements when packed are 8″ X 8″ X 10″. I also have a bag that packs a bit smaller but I will never get cold again while camping so this model is the perfect compromise for me!

      Don’t hesitate if you have any other questions and hope to read you in the following months! I’m leaving in 10 days!

  • Chris

    Thanks Marc, be safe, should be an excellent journey!

    1. Marc Ouellet

      Thank you sir!

  • Francis Derome

    Salut Marc ! (aka champion) je vais suivre ton périple avec une grande attention ! Jai lu le blogue au complet et je suis dejà fasciné par tout ce que j’y trouve. Merci de partager, je rêve de faire le même voyage un jour et tes conseils sont très importants. Bien sur que ma Ducati ‘sans fairing’ ne peut pas faire ce voyage alors on discutera de l achat d une Bmw à ton retour haha ! Bon voyage ! Sois prudent. Très heureux de pouvoir te suivre ici, passes par le Chili aussi ! Quel merveilleux pays ! Francis

    1. Marc Ouellet

      Merci Francis! Je connais très bien le Chili, j’ai hâte d’y retourner! Pour la Ducati, tu sais, tout est faisable!!! À + mon ami et prend soins de toi, une bière (ou 2) à mon retour!

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