PEI trip on 2010

Preparation – Electronics

I do not deny it, I love electronic gadgets! My iPhone, camera, GPS and laptop will be essential tools for me on this trip.

My ongoing challenge is to bring only what is absolutely necessary while making sure to have the tools needed to communicate, navigate, picture, save and share those memories!

Let’s start with communications. I’ll have my iPhone 6s Plus. It will be installed (and powered) on the handlebars of my motorcycle and will allow me to easily communicate with the outside world while making available navigation apps like Google Map and

Google Map on iPhone
Google Map on iPhone

Note that I can stay in contact with my relatives thanks to roaming packages from Rogers, which, with an additional fee of a maximum of $100 per month, let’s me make unlimited calls within the country I am in and to the North America, as well as being able to use the data included in the plan as if I was in Canada. In the past, when travelling, I bought local SIM cards for each country. It can be a bit less expensive, but it does make it possible for people home to contact me easily. I also had trouble of having to find a place to buy for every border crossing, which is not always easy.

Although this is a major expense for a period of 6 or 7 months, I have included in my overall budget and is a must as I do let my girlfriend, family, friends and some obligations behind.

The main GPS navigation will be done via my old Garmin Zumo 550. My family, friends and curious will be able to follow me through a Spot GPS device.

Garmin Zumo 550 GPS
Garmin Zumo 550 GPS
Spot GPS Tracker
Spot GPS Tracker

With respect to photography, I had to make big sacrifices. Indeed, I would have loved to bring my Canon 5D and all of its premium lenses. However, its value and its weight make risky and difficult to transport. So I turned to a cheap point and shoot camera. The model is a Canon SX610H. I’m still surprised by the quality of the images when light is good, and a rather powerful zoom. I would have loved to have a little GoPro, but it was out of my budget.

Canon Powershot SX610 HS
Canon Powershot SX610 HS

To manage my files and update this blog, I will carry a MacBook Air and 2 small hard drives to save the data.

MacBook Air 13"
MacBook Air 13″
Western Digital My Passeport portable drive
Western Digital My Passeport portable drive

Everything is secured in waterproof bags. You never know when one will drop the bike in a river!

Electronics – Photography Comments Price
MacBook Air 13″ & Charger Apple 1 600,00
Apple Magic Mouse Apple 80,00
T1-MULT-108 Mountie Side-Mount Clip Green for iPad Ten One Designs 30,00
External hard drive (and micro-usb wire) Western Digital (2X) 2 TB (2X) 250,00
Incase laptop case 60,00
Aqua-Quest Waterproof Laptop Case 15″ 40,00
iPad Mini 4, charger, wire, covers Apple 1 000,00
iPhone 6s Plus, charger, wire Apple 1 400,00
iPhone 5, charger, wire (Backup) Apple 800,00
Headphones – Sports Bose 90,00
iPhone 6 cover and raincover puncho Quad Lock 95,00
iPhone 5 cover and raincover puncho Quad Lock 95,00
Arm Band for iPhone Quad Lock 60,00
iPhone Head tripod Quad Lock 100,00
Battery Pack Koar 50,00
AAA Batteries 8X 15,00
Camera – Canon SX610H 250,00
Canon – Extra batteries 5X 75,00
Tripod (Small) Mansfrotto 50,00
Adaptors – Argentine Type 1 10,00
Adaptors – Peru, Chile… Type 3 10,00
6 160,00

Next article will cover travel documents.

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Marc Ouellet

Adventurer at heart. Travelling on 2 wheels to South America soon!

  • Chris

    Looks like you will be set up electronically Marc, good to see a Spot accompanying you on the ride as well. Curious which tracking package you will be going with on the Spot for your journey?

    1. Marc Ouellet

      Hi Chris

      I went with the full plan because I got an incredible deal. I wanted to be able to send messages home and get a better accuracy when people are following me (position sent every 3 minutes or so). But frankly, the basic plan would have been just fine too!


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