Darién Gap

Preparation – The Darién Gap

A great day for me today (another!). I secured my passage between Panama and Colombia on the great Stahlratte sailboat.

This step formalizes yet a little more my trip. This will also be my only major reservation for the duration of the journey.

For those who are possibly not aware, these countries, and the Panamericana highway, are separated by an area called the Darién Gap. This is nothing less than an impassible hole in the Pan American Highway, an area 160 km long, that severely complicates the journey.

I considered two solutions to cross the Darién Gap: by boat or by plane.

Let’s keep in mind that I have to get me AND the bike to Columbia! The costs are relatively similar.

I finally chose the Stahlratte because of the many good reviews, it will be an all-new experience and ultimately and finally, the entire process of exporting and importing the bike is done by the crew, which makes things much simpler.

Ludwig, the captain of the ship, clearly answered all my questions promptly by email and my deposit is paid for the last sail of the season, that will leave port on November 14th .

So it is official, I will be in Cartagena on the 19th. I plan to leave on September 11th, so it’ll give me one month to enjoy Mexico and another for the rest of Central America! Now I must convince my girlfriend to join me on a tour of Columbia!

(Images by www.panamacolombiasailing.com)

Loading of a bike on the Stahlratte
Loading of a bike on the Stahlratte
The Great Stahlratte
The Great Stahlratte
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Marc Ouellet

Adventurer at heart. Travelling on 2 wheels to South America soon!

  • Peter Parsons

    Aha! So that’s the trick. Good choice. The only ‘Gap’ riding should be at ‘Deals’. Enjoy the sail. pp

    1. Marc Ouellet

      Thanks Peter! I can’t wait to get on the boat. Booked my importation permit and insurance for Mexico today. It’s getting closer to D-day!

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