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Travelling, no matter with which means of transport, undeniably involves difficult choices when it comes to clothes.

You must find the right balance between what you want versus what you need versus what can be brought!

Whether you’re on a backpack trip to Europe, a Machu Picchu expedition or a 6-month motorcycle trip, I have learned over the years that with good choices, it is possible to travel several weeks with a limited amount of garments.

For this trip, I have planned for 4 types of clothing:

  • Casual
  • Sports (walking or jogging)
  • Dressed (for the exits at the restaurant)
  • Cool or rainy weather

My firsts criteria for a piece of equipment are always quality, efficiency and durability. Nothing is more unpleasant than relying on something that lets you down along the way.

Second, it must be versatile.

Take for example the Arenite jacket from Arc’teryx.

Arc'teryx Arenite jacket
Arc’teryx Arenite jacket

It is useful for trekking, for a cool evening in town and even for more formal occasions like an evening at a restaurant or something a bit more chic. It’s a highly technical item that provides a more formal look if necessary.

The final criteria is, wherever possible, items that do not wrinkle, or at least, very little.

For example, the polyester knit tees by The North Face. I recently went for a 2 week trip to England with only 3 of these. Easy to wash by hand, strong fabric and no wrinkles! They are versatile, can be worn comfortably while visiting a city and also for a serious day trekking on a mountain.

The North Face t-shirt
The North Face t-shirt

A major challenge for me is shoes! I’m worse than a girl when it come to footwear! As mentioned in a previous articles, I decided to ride the motorcycle with a pair of hiking boots. This eliminates the need to pack an additional pair and a major saving in packing space and weight.

Reluctantly, I’m going to bring a pair of running shoes as I hope and need to find time to do some running in order to keep fit. I’ll also have a pair of casual leather shoes that can be used while going for dinner on a cool evening. Those shoes from Frye are very durable and can be worn with jeans or shorts.

Sports shoes from Frye
Sports shoes from Frye

Obviously, I’ll need sandals. I’ll wear a pair of Reef’s for the beach and evenings.

Reef sandals
Reef sandals
The North face shell
The North face shell
Zeta LT pants from Arc'teryx
Zeta LT pants from Arc’teryx
Arenite vest by The North Face
Arenite vest by The North Face

Here is my list:

Clothing Comments Price
Arenite Jacket Arc’teryx 200,00
Down insulated jacket North Face 200,00
Shell jacket North Face 600,00
Shell pants Arc’teryx 600,00
Gloves Arc’teryx 100,00
Shell Gloves Arc’teryx 200,00
Shorts X2 The Noth Face 200,00
Shorts – Bathing suit 75,00
Shorts – Jogging Arc’teryx 75,00
Convertible pants The North Face 100,00
Jeans Levis 100,00
Long sleeves sweaters – Dressed North face 100,00
Long sleeves sweaters – Sport 2X North Face 100,00
T-shirts – Sport 4X North face 200,00
T-shirts – Sport 2X Icebraker 160,00
Shirt – Dressed 1X 150,00
Sox – Small – Shoes and running shoes 2X 20,00
Sox – thin – for moto (liners) 3X 25,00
Boxers Arc’teryx 3X 75,00
Sun glasses MEC 30,00
Sun glasses (backup) MEC 30,00
Replacement lenses (Orange Glasses) 4X MEC 24,00
Replacement lenses (Clear glasses) 1X MEC 6,00
Replacement lenses (Dark glasses) 1X MEC 6,00
Replacement lenses (Yellow glasses) 1X MEC 6,00
Sun glasses – Dressed Marc Jacobs 125,00
Cap for hiking OR 45,00
Jogging pants 100,00
Humbrella (mini) REI 40,00
Shoes – Dressed (Sport) Fry 125,00
Running Shoes Asic’s 160,00
Sandals Reef – Fanning 70,00
4 022,00

The next post will cover electronics.

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Marc Ouellet

Adventurer at heart. Travelling on 2 wheels to South America soon!

  • Tim King

    Hi Marc,

    I’ve been reading your meticulous planning with interest. I’m just curious, does your camping gear, clothing and equipment all fit in your luggage? Have you weighed your panniers & top box? You’ve been about as efficient as you can be, and I’m curious how heavy it is to camp off a bike on a long trip.

    Bon voyage!


    1. Marc Ouellet

      Hi Tim

      All my tools, camping and cooking gear, heated vest, first aid kit, shell pants and jacket, insulated jacket and couple of other little things go into my 2 side boxes. The top box is kept empty to store my helmet when needed. My clothes, laptop, electronics and bathroom stuff go in 2 medium sized backpacks attached to the side boxes.

      In theory, I only have to bring in my backpacks when I stop in a hostel at night. The boxes will only when I camp.

      I will try to find out the weight. It’s obviously a challenge to bring a little as possible but all that’s needed for such a long trip!

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