It's a go!

And it begins…

Hello everyone and welcome to this very first page of my new blog!

Today is the big day. I have announced to my staff and collaborators that I was leaving my job and the company to pursue a dream that has been haunting me for years.

Objective: Jump on the bike and try to get to Terra Del Fuego in Argentina from Montreal, Canada!

The start is scheduled in September and even if the preparation is well on it’s way, I still have a few weeks to prepare the equipment, but above all, to prepare myself mentally to leave everything behind and get into this crazy adventure.

I set up this site because I have benefited enormously from the blogs of other motorcyclists who have made this journey and I wish too, share my trip for the benefit of future of adventure travellers. You’ll be able to read my good and bad shots, places not to be missed or others to forget. It is also a way for me to keep track of this unique journey that may be a unique life experience!

The next posts will describe the motorcycle preparation process, my equipment, my planned route and so on, until D-Day in September (or before?!)

Important note: My first language is French and so, the site has an original version in that language and this will be a translation. Please excuse the spelling mistakes and funny expression! I’ll do my best to make this as easy as possible to read and add lots of images!

Feel free to participate by leaving comments. Your suggestions are welcome!

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A great and almost isolated road near La Rioja, Argentina

Why am I doing this trip?

When I tell my friends of this project to cross the Americas on my motorcycle, I see all kinds of reactions but they are all similar to this example: "You are leaving for six weeks to Argentina, that's just amazing! ". I gently respond, "No, no, not six weeks, I'm leaving for 6 months ... Read more

Marc Ouellet

Adventurer at heart. Travelling on 2 wheels to South America soon!

  • Anne-Marie De Serres

    Marc,my grad date and good friend!! What you are doing is fantastic!!!Please be carefull and keep us posted! Have FUN!!!We deserve it!!!xo

  • Sacha Mattiolo

    Forzaaaaa!!!! Marco!!!!!

  • Ted

    Super cool adventure ! Tu vas t’ennuyer du hockey rendu e nArgentine 😉

    1. Marc Ouellet

      Effectivement, mais en contrepartie mes adversaires, eux, ne s’ennuieront pas!

  • jean desmarais

    Hope your spanish has improved ???? enjoy dude

    1. Marc Ouellet

      Por supuesto amigo!

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