Travel documentation

Preparation – Documentation, GPS maps, Itinerary and Budget

Only 3 days before the big start so I’ll try to cover documentation, maps (paper and GPS), my itinerary and budget in one post. Let’s start with documents. It is well known that the border crossings in Central America are saying, complex and several photocopies of documents such as passports, driving licence, registration. I’ll keep copies

PEI trip on 2010

Preparation – Electronics

I do not deny it, I love electronic gadgets! My iPhone, camera, GPS and laptop will be essential tools for me on this trip. My ongoing challenge is to bring only what is absolutely necessary while making sure to have the tools needed to communicate, navigate, picture, save and share those memories! Let’s start with


Preparation – Clothing

Travelling, no matter with which means of transport, undeniably involves difficult choices when it comes to clothes. You must find the right balance between what you want versus what you need versus what can be brought! Whether you’re on a backpack trip to Europe, a Machu Picchu expedition or a 6-month motorcycle trip, I have learned over the years

Travelling west in 2011

Preparation – Riding Gear

One of the challenges of a long motorcycle is to face the various elements. On the same day, it can sometimes be very hot, a few hours later, very cold and if you are very lucky, you can get a nice rainfall to reward you for all your efforts. On previous trips, I suffered from

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